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Scot Pollard: Great Three-Point Shooter and Honorary Freakonomist

Last week I posed what I thought would be a very hard question asking which player Roy Williams called the best 3-point shooter he had ever coached. I even did some Google searches to make sure that the answer wasn’t out there.

I suppose I should have assumed that something that gets announced over the loudspeakers at a Celtics game won’t stay quiet forever. Between the time I wrote the quiz (right after the game) and when it was posted (noon of the next day), the answer had spread all over the Internet. So it is only grudgingly that we give Keith from Cleveland his Freakonomics schwag for being the first to give the right answer.

Who is this remarkable shooter? Current Celtic Scot Pollard. He is the only player that Williams ever coached who made every single 3-point shot he attempted: he was 1 for 1 in his college career from behind the line. Unfortunately, he has hit something of a drought when it comes to 3-point shooting as a pro: he is 0 for 2 in his 11-year professional career on 3-pointers.

We recently got the chance to meet Pollard. He couldn’t have been nicer, and he knew Freakonomics inside and out.