Completely aside from the honor of being named to Time's "top 25" ... I have to wonder about the use of the term "first annual." The "first" of anything is, simply, "the first." Something is not "annual" until it has been repeated at least once, the next year. Thus ... one can have "the first" of an event, then a year later "the second annual" of it.

OK, so it's pedantry ... !


Cool... this is actually my favorite blog in the whole blogosphere. Congrats on the recognition.

Now, if only I could get some traffic to my new blog, (although I'm still constantly updating it with new sections/features).


I like your blog and all, but I'd say Time's 5 most overrated blogs is a list of better company. Somehow they ended up sticking Ars Technica there..

Someone at the magazine has a real hatred for tech geeks.

golly, with a computin' machine on the internets

Now how can they call it the "First Annual" Blog Index until the second annual one comes out next April. As fast as the blogosphere changes, I would suspect it might come out twice a year and be biannual or if blogs become boring, then biennial.golly, with a computin' machine on the internets


meh I wouldnt be too happy boys....,28804,1725323_1727645_1727655,00.html

I mean everyone knows LOLCATS/I can has cheezburger IS the crest of the cyberweb.... i mean its just all downhill from here on in.

Dont think Time are really on the ball....

On a more serious note, congrats. Your blog is excellent

Josh Millard

Yeah, we noticed this over at Metafilter, too. It's an odd thing: while it's nice to get some love from old guard media, the whole "put sites on top x list and then write to sites to nudge-nudge wink-wink for a link to said list" move is something I associate more strongly with SEO ad-beggars than something like TIME.