Show Us Your Photos


As Dubner has shown in the past, a quick snapshot — of a congestion-pricing poster in this case — can spark a lot of discussion.

So send us your photo or snapshot (here) — and be sure to tell us where it was taken, who took it, and what makes it Freak-worthy.

We’ll publish our favorites on the blog.

They don’t have to be artwork (or even photos of art):

Mondrian Soda

Sexy Stephen is on the far right

No self-portraits or publicity materials please — Levitt has already covered that:

(Dubner’s the one on the far right.)

joe says "ill be diggin out my old digi's and win this contest out right"...good day!


i've never heard of the word "Freacononimcs" before. i usually surf the net when i take a break from work. i searched for the word "blog" to see what everybody was saying. i don't usually click on the first one that shows up on the search. i look for the one that say's, "come and see what we have," or "come and see what we have to say," or "come and welcome to our site." well, not exactly like that. i guess what i am trying to say is i click on the one that grabs my attention. i searched for the word, "blog" and there it was.."Freakonomics" showing up at number 6 on Google. click! click! i am here.

i'm glad i clicked on the link. this site is full of information. i can't wait to see the photos that will be chosen. i am sure "Freakonomics" will be written all over it. until then...


cool- I never knew Dubner was in RATT


I don't like my photos floating around the net. That's why I used bigstringim.