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Exotic Dancer, M.B.A.

That is the name of a new program being offered by Starlight Ministries, the stripper outreach program in Virginia I recently blogged about. Here’s how Lia Scholl of Starlight describes the program:

Our newest venture is called Exotic Dancer, M.B.A. It’s a one-day seminar for women who are exotic dancers (and there will be some private dancers/women in prostitution there, too). We’ll teach self-care, money management, strip-club economics, and do a fun art project. The pilot kicks off on Monday, April 28, in Richmond, Virginia.

We’ve already had a great response to the event. Several women are coming in from out of town to attend. We are anticipating at least 50 dancers at this event.

Several of you wrote in after we ran this Q&A with Allie, a high-end call girl we are writing about in SuperFreakonomics, wanting to know what her end game is.

In a nutshell, Allie is also working on getting a sort of M.B.A., some of it within the traditional confines of academia. I think (hope) readers will find this part of Allie’s story to be as fascinating as the rest.