Have You Ever Noticed …

… that people who go around saying “I’m a perfectionist” never are, while people who actually are perfectionists never go around saying it?

I have.

Imp Kerr

No, but i noticed that you make funny generalisations.


Perfection is actually being incomplete in a way that mirrors what we think is complete.


Yes, I have noticed that. Coincidentally, just a few days ago I heard an unemployed, deadbeat-dad complaining about being a perfectionist. It must be exhausting trying to perfect those kinds of things.


I cringe whenever I hear someone make such or a similar claim about themselves. It's often not true, and confirms my belief that people don't know themselves as much as they think. I'm no different and therefore avoid sentences that begin with "I am...".

Anyway, my favourites:

* I'm mature for my age.
* I have a strong character.
* I intimidate men (by my strong character).
* I'm uncomplicated.
* I'm self confident.
* I know what I want.

Ricardo Bueno

The funny thing is that I have to agree with you here...

A great friend of mine will deny that she's a perfectionist till her dying day...but she totally is!!!


Those who know sayeth not. Those who say knoweth not!


what a dumb post


This might be the least enlightening set of posts I've ever encountered, Freakonomics.
What we're looking at here are the ruminations of a slew of mid-level HR reps dealing with state school drop-outs who got interviewing tips off of
The original post was fairly cliche, as far as twenty-first century "deep thoughts" go, but the discussion Dubner's words of wisdom have generated
leaves me wondering whether Descartes may have had a point when he claimed perfection simply has no place in the realm of comment-posting mortals.
Maybe God does exist, after all. Perfect, just perfect.


It's hard to think of anything as pathetic as a self-professed perfectionist.

It's even worse than someone who tells you that he/she has a great sense of humor.


Well...there is some truth to exaggeration.(recent study on students who lie about their GPA making it truth by getting exactly that inflated GPA)

Who is a perfectionist anyways? What is even the perfect way to say apple?


I'm a self-proclaimed perfectionist. I do not think it is good thing to be. We likely come off as arrogant, lazy, or poor planners. I would never admit to my perfectionism in a job interview.


Couldn't be more true.

Also, when people say "I swear to god..." they are lying.


"There are two types of people: those that talk the talk and those that walk the walk. People who walk the walk sometimes talk the talk but most times they don't talk at all, 'cause they walkin'. Now, people who talk the talk, when it comes time for them to walk the walk, you know what they do? They talk people like me into walkin' for them."
- Hustle and flow


I'm not so much a perfectionist as someone who likes things to be a certain way and gets antsy and annoyed when they're wrong - which is to say that I pick and choose what to be irritating about.
First thing I needed to learn to control as a manager. It's so hard to not scream even when I know the problem is simply that, for example, what I see as poor presentation is simply a different option to them.

Also, Ray G (#52) - I resemble that second remark!
Nothing wrong with shooting from the hip, as long as you have perfect aim.

Ray G

Yes, I have noticed that self-proclaimed perfectionists are never what anyone else would reasonably describe as a perfectionist. (Which of course has nothing to do with being perfect, but simply means fastidious in one or more ways.)

My favorite is the proclamation that one works well under pressure. It's usually the self-proclaimed perfectionist that also says they work well under pressure.

What this actually means when it is self-proclaimed, is that they are very poor at planning ahead, and much of what they do in their week is last minute, high-urgency because of their shoot from the hip style.

When the world doesn't explode around them, they walk away feeling accomplished, and say "Whew! Good thing I work well under pressure."


Sounds like there might be an interesting story behind this post.


A couple of other ones for you

"I'm crazy". Only normal people say something that stupid while the ranting lunatic waving garbage can lids on the street corner thinks he's normal.

"I Hate to Lose". Personally there's nothing I like better than to put forth every effort I can muster and fall flat on my face. Who enjoys losing?

"I never lose". Or then you've never actually tried to do anything more complex than scratching your nose.


A perfectionist expects the world to be perfectible, but is by definition continually disappointed. Reminds me of a favorite joke:

An optimist and a pessimist were sharing a drink at the bar. The optimist exclaimed, "This is the most perfect of all possible worlds!!" The pessimist shook his head and sighed, "Ain't that the truth!"


Perfectionists are only interested in having the people around them, spouse, children, employees, etc. meet this standard. I've never met one who really demanded it of themselves because its an impossible standard to meet.


A little clarification:
Just because somebody claims to be a perfectionist doesn't mean they are claiming to be perfect. I would argue that nobody is perfect and nobody knows this better than true perfectionists who are always painfully aware of areas in which they are falling short of perfection.