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Here in the U.S., the most common MIDDLE name of violent (white male) criminals is "Wayne".


About that "A teenager makes plastic rot faster", here in Brasil, EMBRAPA (Brazilian Company of Agropecuary Research) made, years ago, a plastic made off suggar cane which rots in about 3 months. It's better 'cause it don't uses bacterias or such things. Its natural... and plastic... and not made by fossiles. Absolutely renewable.


But the "unpopular" names in that study were all male, right? Priscillas and Penelopes aren't showing up in the criminal headlines, are they?


Yeah, I see many tips on the local news, about how changing your driving style can save you $1 per gallon!

No, gas is going to cost the same, no matter how you drive. Can't they talk about saving 4 cents a mile, instead? Would that really be so much less sound-bite friendly?


I read the plastic-eating microbes and anti-intellectualism articles.

1. Hooray! Wonderful for the budding scientist who isolated the plastic-eating microbes. And WHY didn't the plastic bag manufacturers, who are under siege, do this research themselves???

2. I was hoping the anti-intellectualism suit had something to do with the ridiculous attitude in this country that leads us to elect people who are not TOO smart, or leads kids to be "too cool" to do well in school. Instead, it's a hysterically funny piece on a nut-case professor.

The author gives an example of a paper he wrote at Dartmouth on "deconstructing" the show "Pimp My Ride." I just had to write about my "A" paper on the relationship between King Lear and I Am the Walrus. This was 30 years ago at MIT, showing there has never been a shortage of slacker papers submitted and given good grades, even in top-level colleges.

Thanks for the links.



What happens when a bucket of plastic eating bacteria is dumped down my PVC pipes?


Gas savings tip 57 is flat-out wrong.

According to experts, accelerating quickly, but smoothly, is most efficient.

See NY Times 2001 article.

''It's not commonly understood by people who drive,'' Dr. Dougherty said. ''They think that the way to get best fuel economy is to accelerate very gently, but that proves not to be the case. The best thing is to accelerate briskly and shift.


Are some environmentalists mentally incapable of understanding basic economics? From the link "More ways to use less gas," the author writes:

"How you fill up your car with gas can have a big impact on how much you save. Use these tips to help reduce how much you spend for gas."

If you really wanted to induce yourself to use less gas, you would try to make gas even MORE expensive for yourself!


#8 - Bill, if you're getting that opinion from the Straight Dope, you'll do well to notice that he has no controls for that statement. He doesn't track violent criminals with the middle name of John, for example, or who have no middle name at all. Nor does he check for the prevalence of Wayne as a middle name in the general population.