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FREAK Shots: Is Beer Bad for Science?

The more beer scientists drink, the less likely they are to have a paper published or cited, according to a new study by Thomas Grim, an ornithologist at Palacky University, Czech Republic.

Grim surveyed the behavior of Czech scientists and found a correlation between amount of beer consumed and papers published.

But the Czech Republic may just be an strange exception, points out a New York Times article; it beats Ireland as having the highest per capita rate of beer consumption in the world.

Or maybe, suggests ornithologist Mike Webster: “Those with poor publication records are drowning their sorrows.”

It probably doesn’t matter if you’re drinking Pabst or Vielle Bon Secours — the study didn’t mention the price of the beer making a difference.

Another study in Denmark (which ranks eighth on the beer consumption list) showed a correlation between high I.Q. and wine drinkers — and low I.Q. and beer drinkers.

Maybe Freakonomics is better read at a wine bar than a pub.