Free Money for Smart People

There are two current offers of free money that people who read this blog might like to know about.

The first is a $10,000 blogging scholarship.

The second is a “media innovation contest,” sponsored by Knight News, which “offers up to $5 million and seeks innovative ideas for digital news and information projects, including: improving local online news; bringing Web 2.0 tools to local neighborhoods; publishing platforms to support conversations in specific geographic communities.”

Here are some past winners.

Now go out and win.


Oh, boo on that scholarship for being open only to students of American colleges.

Bobby G

Peter, who said anything about an investment?

Also, when does anything that is "free" not have something required? If someone comes up to you and hands you a free iPod, let's say, you still are required to 1) understand the transaction, 2) accept the offer, and possibly 3) listen to why they gave you the "free" iPod.

"Free" in this case means only without an entry fee to enter the contest.


Gee, none of the items in the past winners list struck me as very interesting. I suppose if my entire life were devoted to blogging or community service projects I might feel differently about it.


hey Doug - isn't that Obama promised us!!


Regardless of whether it is free or not, it's still good information to know. Depending on what type of person you are. If you are very intelligent and have a LOT of good luck when it comes to winning stuff, then you can consider this as good as free money.

A. Smith

But, money is a reflection of how much our time is worth. For some people making fries at McDonald's is worth $5.25 an hour. They make an investment of 1 hour and receive a $5.25 payout.

These project would take a major investment in time. Time which could be spent with families or enjoying the great outdoors.

Anyone entering has to ask, how much money is investing these hours worth?

And then they might not even win...

Peter S

something is required therefore it is not free.

And contest makes the investment less likely to be profitable.



Sounds like a lot of work. Please let me know when you find "Free Money for Lazy People".