Bad incentive? Or good?

On Obama's list of things we can do to save energy: keep tires properly inflated. Most city gas stations these days charge between $.50 and $1.50 for air, including built-in tire gage. So you pay even just to CHECK the tires unless you carry your own gage. Besides safety, how much do you save on full tires? Does the charge for air pay for itself in gas savings? (Note: At the PA and OH tollway rest-stops the air is free, tire gage included. I assume this is a safety issue.)

Sorry if this is off topic, I don't know where it should go.


"Does the charge for air pay for itself in gas savings?"

Yes. And then some.

Rich Wilson

On the Voting America map, I wonder what their threshold is for listing 3rd and 4th candidates. They have Ross Perot in '96 at 8.8% but not Nader (or Buchanan) in '00. I think Nader got something like 5%.

Rich Wilson

In some states gas stations are required to provide air and water for free. California.. (Washington and Oregon?)