Ron Paul Will Now Take Your Questions

Congressman Ron Paul of Texas ran for president in the Republican primaries this year, raising more than $34 million and receiving more than 1.3 million votes.


That obviously wasn’t enough to get anywhere near the general election, but Paul became a rogue hero of many in his party (and beyond), even mounting his own counter-convention in Minneapolis while the Republican National Convention was happening across the river in St. Paul.

He has now launched a Campaign for Liberty, which is casting an eye toward the 2010 mid-term elections in the hopes of promoting “sound money, limited government, and a respect for the inherent rights of every individual.”

We thought that Paul might be an interesting person to hear from in the immediate aftermath of this most interesting election season, and he has agreed to field your questions. So please fire away, and we’ll post his answers in a few days.

Addendum: Paul answers your questions here and here.

Charles McCown

Congressman Paul,

For you, what did you find to be the most effective form of communication in getting your name and ideals out to the public.

Thank you

Andrew Tosh

Dear Dr. Paul,

I've read [1] that you have been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. How has Asperger's affected your daily life as a congressmen? How do you cope with public speaking to overcome the awkwardness that Asperger's causes?


Andrew Tosh


Lou Park

Dear congressman,

I applaud you for being a truthful and patient patriot in a time when citizens bury their head in the sand while leaving their body exposed to the lions. As Glen Beck said "How...How do you do it!" My question is, how can you get a lazy, irresponsible and fearful America to reeducate themselves on the founding documents and principals that protected them against government and corporate interference, with their distorted truth, propaganda, and strong-arming for a tyranny.

If history is to repeat itself, then America is truly the Titanic, and It amazes me how people will tie themselves to the rail of the sinking ship rather then steer a course to familiar waters.

My other question is how can the New York Times not put this very important and popular topic as headline front page news. It seems to me that a question and comments page (with soon to be 500 or more questions) could have been more then doubled if it did not have to be aggressively searched for.

Thank you


Tiffany R.

Do you think it is even possible to heal the Republican party? I have long been a Republican but can no longer vote for the candidates they offer as "Republican." Can the party be fixed or is it time for some real change? Independants now are very close in number to those who consider themselves Republican. Is it time for a "hostile takeover"? Or is a 3 party system better in your opinion? If so how can we make that happen? It's obvious from tuesdays results that we must do something. I have read reactions extensively since tuesday and I know I am not alone when I say that I feel like no one is representing me any longer. I want real candidates, such as yourself. I am just getting started in Campaign for Liberty. Outside of that, What can I do to get representation for my taxation?

Thank you for ALL that you do. My daughter asked her 4th grade teacher why your name wasn't on the ballot in her classroom vote! You are inspiring not only my generation but all those to come.

Much Love,

Tiffany R.


Jeaneane Landers

Dr Paul,

you are so...LOGICAL... NOT 1 person I explained your ideas and positions disagreed but.. Obama was elected??? I'm not a rocket scientist but I'm very confused! PS I think Sarah Palin has spunk and she's not afraid to be a person rather than a politician. Can you you PLEASE work with her,fine tune her political knowledge? I think a wise old man and a feisty yet down to earth women might be able to "bring the GOP back to its roots" WHAT CAN WE THE GRASSROOTS KEEP DOING TO HELP?

Jason Straw

Congressman Paul,

I was on Google News for 10 seconds today before reading New World Order, Economy & Obama in the same article. Do you see an acceleration of economic and executive conglomeration among nations coming under Obama's administration? Elections and talking to people are a great start, what other ways can we--as Americans while we are--reinstate sovereignty? Sovereignty as individuals?

In most debt and gratitude,

Jason Straw

Currently in Anchorage, AK


Oh my goodness!! The amount of questions already is daunting!

Congressman Paul, first of all thank you for waking so many of us up or we wouldn't be monitoring things as closely as we are now or becoming as involved. What I see happening now scares the heck out of me.

My question is: what can people do to protect themselves in the coming total collapse of the dollar? Hubby & I are self-employed, live within our means, have no debt beyond monthly utility bills & our mortgage. We have a small savings, yet have had to tap into it a couple times due to slowdowns in our businesses already. What happens to peoples mortgages in a total collapse??? How are they paid for if they switch to a world currency & we get 2cents on the dollar ? What can we all do now to protect ourselves & our homes?

For the record, we refied 2x ...yet only to utilize the stupidity of the system & get our rate down--never taking out equity. We are only 10 yrs into a 30 yr mortgage.


Education Desirer

Hello Congressman Paul,

1) I understand that you believe that the enforcement of private property laws can take care of environmental problems. How would you deal with climate change, as air isn't something that you can privatize? What if an ecologically sensitive forest is privatized and then developed for residential purposes? How can the environment be protected like that?

2) Many economists point to information asymmetry in matters like health care and education as reasons for why the private sector fails to provide effective health care. (The provider of these services know far more about these services than the consumers, allowing much exploitation to occur. For example, most patients know very little about medical science, so they have to rely on their doctors to honestly give them what they need and not over- or under-prescribe a drug/treatment/cure. However, a doctor may be financially motivated to act against the patient's interest.) What do you think of this argument?

3) I understand that you support the abolition of the US Department of Education and let the State governments oversee education. I also understand that you encourage home schooling. However, do you still see a role for the government to provide education to those who can't afford it? If so, how should the government be involved?


Free Banker

Congressman Paul: What do you think of the idea of privatizing the money supply? A gold standard would still give the government a monopoly over the money supply, so that doesn't provide freedom as privatizing the money supply would.


Dr. Paul,

What were the 5 most important books in forming your worldview?

Thank you


Alex Zoum

Congressman Paul,

I believe that the abolishment of central banking (along with a truly free market economic system) is the most important change the world needs to have real freedom. My concern is how the USA would be affected by getting rid of our central bank - the Federal Reserve - unilaterally while the rest of the world continues to counterfeited money to fund there fascist/socialist regimes. I should imagine that if we had a commodity-backed dollar, the USA currency would become extremely valuable compared to the fiat currencies. How do you see this effecting trade? Also if we had to defend ourselves against another superpower, with war historically leading to deficit spending, would we not be at a disadvantage funding a military effort without the printing press?

Thank you,

Alex Zoum

Millie R

Dr. Paul, I've heard that President Elect Obama is interested in surrounding himself with individuals whose ideas differ dramatically to ensure he makes the best possible decisions for the nation.

Who would be on YOUR "dream team" for a spirited debate in the field of economics?

Charles Bentley

Hi Dr.Paul

What do you think about direct democracy / participative democracy? For example, every citizen could cast his vote for the bills in Congress.

Louis Tomczak

Dr. Paul,

Why do you think the message of liberty, freedom, and prosperity is a popular one? Do you think the two major parties would be better suited to embrace this message?


Why are there so few intelligent people, such as yourself, in public office?


Dear Ron,

Many people are blaming our Wall St./Banking crisis on a failure of Capitalism. But the idea behind a stock market is consistent with the Marxist principle of labor owning the means of production, while central banking is a pillar of state power over the people.

Why do so many people think these politically-connected institutions, which haven't solved our problems for decades (or centuries), are now the solution to the problems they seem to have had a major role in creating?

Rich S

Pittsburgh PA


I am bothered by an obvious disconnect in the number of public supporters (individuals, couples, yard signs, etc) you had leading up to the primary and the resulting number of votes you received, leading me to wonder if our own system is truly transparent, honest, and accurate. Is it, in your opinion?

Just look at the outpouring of questions and responses in this Freakonomics post for further confirmation of the interest in you and your candidacy. Why do these not translate to a similar outpouring of votes relative to the other stale candidates?


There are many great intelligent questions here. My question may be considered too simple...With the threat of a complete worlwide financial meltdown looming, along with the possibilities of a global monetary system and government,should I go ahead with my plans to build a house and take on a new mortgage? (I sold my house last spring and am currently renting.)If the great depresssion is beginning in earnest, is it best to spend my savings on a homestead or keep it in the bank? And should I seriously begin learning how to grow my own food? I'm having a hard time with making immediate decisions between living my life as usual or preparing for the fall out from a Financial Armageddon (so to speak).I am asking you because I don't trust the opinion of most of the industry professionals right now. I highly value your thoughts on this. Thank you.

Dr. Michael R. Edelstein

Dear Ron,

Your run for President as a means to educate the public was wildly successful, given all the barriers that tend to confront crusaders for liberty.

In light of this success, would you build on what you've already established by entering the 2012 presidential race much earlier this time, by 2009 or 2010?

For liberty,

Michael R. Edelstein

San Francisco


Thank you.

I will never forget those Republican debates where you stood your ground and gave such good answers – even in a “hostile environment”. One moment I will never forget is when the audience was booing, the other candidates were laughing and the moderators were disapproving. But after the booing stopped, you replied that even the CIA warns about blowback.

Any pointers on how you did it?