Is There Any Famous American Who Won’t Be Drawn With Obama’s Face?

Do you remember the following quote from Barack Obama?

“I am like a Rorschach test,” Mr. Obama noted at one point during the campaign. “Even if people find me disappointing ultimately, they might gain something.”

That’s not quite what I think of as a Rorschach test. This is what I think of as a Rorschach test:

Barry Blitt, who drew the Obama-as-Jackie-Robinson illustration, was hardly the first to come up with the comparison, but it was a very effective piece of artwork. (The article it accompanied, by David Remnick, was also terrific.)

My 8-year-old son looked at it for a minute and said, “It’s Jackie Robinson. Wait, it’s Barack Obama! Wait, it’s Barack Obama being Jackie Robinson — the first black president and the first black major leaguer!”

Based on this evidence, I would say that Barry Blitt is a pretty good communicator.

For those who care, there is a Jackie Robinson Museum scheduled to open in 2010 in New York City. I stumbled across it the other day, in lower Manhattan, right by the Holland Tunnel. Sorry for the poor quality photo, but this is what I got:



These aren't comparisons.
They're hope.

Comparisons can't really happen until HE ACTUALLY FREAKING TAKES OFFICE.

science minded

Even if there is, shouldn't we be honoring President elect Obama's specific achievement. Perhaps it is true that behind hope, there is a bit of "audacity" (risk taking and bit of fear) that anyone pursuing their dream will need to overcome. However, by comparing, don't we lose sight of all the achievements of these individuals. This is not to say that comparisons are valuable. But as discordian suggests, this is not the right time.


Given Obama's hiring choices for posts in the new administration, A drawing morphing him and Bill Clinton are in order.

science minded

maybe, maybe not. I doubt Bill would have hired Hillary as Secretary of State. AT the time, Bill had not learned the lesson of a bit humility. Obama is way ahead. And I have noticed that Hillary has learned herself a bit since then. Her behavior upon losing out to Obama was real statesman like and something American women should be proud of. She made her loss into a win. A sign of real maturity that should serve her well when it comes to dealing with international problems. A sign of the end of the cowboy era.

Pete Rose

I'm really proud of America! We proved Democracy works! Obama has a a great outlook on the world and I support him 100%.


Pete Rose wrote: "I'm really proud of America! We proved Democracy works!"

Does this imply democracy didn't work in 2004 because a Republican won?

science minded

Or that election was tainted by the previous one. In other words, democratic states work better than others--not perfectly.


It's great that we've overcome racism to the point where a we have elected an African-American as president. But is that a triumph of democracy? Not in the least. Democracy is probably what kept minorities from the highest until now.

In a dictatorship or many other non-democratic systems, it is relatively simple for the group that has seized power to appoint whomever they wish to the highest office, regardless of minority status. Quite often the power group is some form of political and sometimes ethnic minority. Often it is an ethnic minority exerting power over the ethnic majority.

In a democracy, it had to wait till a significant number of people were willing to vote for a minority candidate as inherant racism faded. It is a triumph of reduced racism among the white majority instead of an triumph of democracy.

If we had a dictatorship and the junta had decided to, we could have had a minority president over a century ago.



I'm still of the opinion that anyone who ran on the Democratic ticket was practically assured a victory. Maybe Obama was the best candidate, but regardless of who was nominated, McCain never had a fighting chance.


an 8 year old that can pick out Jackie Robinson by picture/team/# ?!- holy baseball historian in the making...


Isn't the fact that Jackie Robinson wore #42 pretty much common knowledge to anyone who ever watches baseball? Its been retired from baseball for over a decade (though Mariano Rivera still wears it, since he was grandfathered in)... plus just about all of baseball wears it on JR day...