If Your Dream Present Is an Autographed Book …


This is the time of year when we like to announce that if you are planning to give a copy of Freakonomics as a holiday gift, whether via Amazon.com, at a Barnes & Noble, or from a street vendor in India, we will send you a free autographed bookplate to stick in that book for your extra-special someone.

Just follow this link to order the bookplate. We can’t guarantee it will arrive on time, but we will do our best and, at $0.00, you can’t beat the price.


I guess these are only sent in the US? I requested one a couple of times and they never made it to me in Europe :-(


I'm Dutch and requested one a few months ago. I received mine within a few weeks, so I assume yours simply got lost in the mail, Mark.


Ditto for me in Canada - I got mine a long, long time ago.

Thanks Stephen!


Just thought I'd say thanks for the bookplate I got a while back.


Same here, obviously - all this talk about mailmen losing stuff and forgetting to thank you for the bookplate. Thanks!


I just ordered mine so THANKS in advance (providing I receive it - unlike that poor Mike fellow).

Would it be pedantic to mention the fact that your form only had 'ZIP code' when most of the world uses a 'post or postal code'? :)

Mariano Pappalardo

I got mine almost instantly and I live in Argentina.


Its funny because I literally did buy Freakonomics from a street vendor in India.

Then I lost it and then bought a legitimate copy later on.

Fred C. Dobbs

Requested a book plate a lonnng time ago. Never received it. Buddy, can you spare a book plate?


I requested one a year ago...never came. Six months ago I thought I would try again. No luck. I can't get mad because they are doing this for free, but I just thought I would share.


Got my bookplate a couple of days ago and I live downunder - Australia. I would have ordered mine a couple of months ago, thanks this is a great service!


I received it a few days ago. Thanks!