It’s On!

Freakonomics versus Marginal Revolution in a caption-that-photo contest.

Tyler Cowen has laid down the gauntlet to the Marginal Revolution readers, pointing them to our contest to caption the infamous Bush-congratulates-Krugman photo, and urging them to “see if you can beat their readers.”

I’m also excited to announce that we have a very special guest judge: Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman has agreed to pick the winning entry.

Freako readers, add your entry here; Marginal Revolters, try here.

And Tyler, I’m willing to bet on my readers; are you interested in a side bet?

Addendum: The winners are announced here.


Whoa! Check out the big brain on Krugsie!


This is a contest bigger than the Nobel Prize, the Presidential Election, and American Idol put together!


"I'm temperamentally unsuited for that kind of role. You have to be very good at people skills, biting your tongue when people say silly things."
-Paul Krugman

Thankfully Bush never offered....


Hey Kruggie - why do they pronounce "noble" funny anyway?


Yeah, they spell "noble" funny too.


Bush: Aren't you thankful that i'm not Putin?!


CAPTION: Nobel prize-winning economist Paul Krugman smiles nervously as President Bush asks him if he is familiar with the initiation rituals of the Skull and Bones club.


Hey, Paul, would you like to have a beer with me?

Eric Ho

Thinking bubble from Krugman: (looking at Shimomura, Chalfie and Tsien to his right) Yup, I am next to the green florescent man.