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Is There Any Famous American Who Won’t Be Drawn With Obama’s Face?

Do you remember the following quote from Barack Obama?

“I am like a Rorschach test,” Mr. Obama noted at one point during the campaign. “Even if people find me disappointing ultimately, they might gain something.”

That’s not quite what I think of as a Rorschach test. This is what I think of as a Rorschach test:

Barry Blitt, who drew the Obama-as-Jackie-Robinson illustration, was hardly the first to come up with the comparison, but it was a very effective piece of artwork. (The article it accompanied, by David Remnick, was also terrific.)

My 8-year-old son looked at it for a minute and said, “It’s Jackie Robinson. Wait, it’s Barack Obama! Wait, it’s Barack Obama being Jackie Robinson — the first black president and the first black major leaguer!”

Based on this evidence, I would say that Barry Blitt is a pretty good communicator.

For those who care, there is a Jackie Robinson Museum scheduled to open in 2010 in New York City. I stumbled across it the other day, in lower Manhattan, right by the Holland Tunnel. Sorry for the poor quality photo, but this is what I got: