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Is This Where the $700 Billion Is Going?

There was a lot of noise last week about how the banks who’ve been drawing down the government’s Troubled Asset Relief Program fund can’t account for how the money is being spent. It’s not like $700 billion can just disappear, right?

Well, a reader named Gannon Hubbard wrote in with a hunch as to where the money is being spent.

No, not on commercial loans or mortgage relief or even a new highway fund. Try … a rabbit hutch.

Yes, a third-party seller on was offering a “Marshall Peters Hinged Mat Woven Grass for Rabbits and Small Animal” for the low, low price of $766.5 billion:


As Gannon writes: “It looks like third-party selling on Amazon isn’t exactly foolproof.”

The good news is that a serious discount was invoked since this screen shot was taken, with the hutch now selling for just $13.59. The seller is called Sleepy Pets, and as of this writing, its most recent customer feedback was a five-star review that said: “Arrived well ahead of schedule.”

For $766 billion, I should certainly hope so.