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Our Daily Bleg: What’s My Incentive to Work?

Here’s a desperate bleg from a reader named Theo Bryan. (Send your own blegs here.)


I am living with my stepfather and don’t pay rent or food expenses. I am not pressured to find work from my stepdad or my mother, who lives in another city for work. I fear I have no incentive to work. We live in a very nice apartment in the ideal part of town. The few expenses I have I pay for with money left over from tuition.

If I move out, my comfortability will plummet. I will have to get a low-paying job just to pay the bills.

I don’t really have any incentives to move out, and I’ve stayed here just doing nothing for a few years.

The problem is I am self-loathing because I depend on other people. I want to be working and paying for myself, but I haven’t the motivation.

What should I do? Throw away my apartment keys? Sign an apartment lease contract?

I appreciate any thoughts.

I don’t even know where to start with this one, but I am guessing that you all do.