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Smile Pinki

I recently saw a remarkable short documentary entitled Smile Pinki. It tells the story of two poverty-stricken young children (one a girl named Pinki) in India who are born with clefts and have the opportunity to receive free surgery to fix their condition. It is incredibly moving. I’m not the only one who feels that way — the movie is getting a lot of attention.

I watched it with my children. They’ve never seen anyone with a cleft, because in the United States, every baby born with the condition gets surgery within a few months. Only one of my four children (Nicholas) expressed the revulsion that many adults feel when seeing children with clefts. The other three were transfixed by what they saw and watched from beginning to end. If they hadn’t been paying so much attention to the screen, they would have had the chance to see something they have never seen before: tears coming from their dad’s eyes.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find so much as a trailer online, or any way that a person could buy or rent it. Do any blog readers know how someone could watch the documentary at home?