My Research Makes a Cameo Appearance on Manswers

The television show Manswers on the TV channel Spike has to be one of the dumbest shows on the air.

The purpose of the show is to provide answers to the sorts of questions that might arise just as the keg at the frat party starts to run low. For instance, “How do you untrap your pud from a zipper?” or “What is the horniest animal in the jungle?” (I didn’t actually watch either of those videos, so you will have to watch yourself to find out the answers.)

While the producers of Manswers may reasonably be accused of bad taste, I like their choice of experts when it comes to answering the question “How much money can a pimp make?” The University of Chicago study they reference — that’s mine.

Unfortunately, not all of their sources on the issue are quite as rigorous as my study, so ultimately they come up with the completely wrong answer: $800,000 a year. Take away one zero and they are starting to approach the truth.

(Hat tip: Amanda Agan, a Manswers fanatic.)


This show is a whole lot better than "Twilight."


I haven't heard the word "pud" since middle school. Thanks for the memory...


80 G's a year. You probably just went and inspired anyone who was just laid off to go out and find a cane and a hat with a feather in it.


"Unfortunately, not all of their sources on the issue are quite as rigorous as my study"

Let me guess, then went out and asked some pimps?


I cannot defend Manswers as a show. To say that it is crude and retarded is an understatement.

Having said that, the zipper information is very useful. I've gotten "caught" a couple of times, and it is horrible.


Manswers is like the internet. It has a lot of good answers, but a few really awful ones as well. Nevertheless, I watch it becaue it is loaded with attractive females and crude, yet funny, humor thorughout.

Erik Poole

And which study of yours was that?

An average wage of US$80K? Just think of all the untapped tax revenue.... especially under a regime of secure property rights.