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Is a Wave of Scuppie Shoplifting Upon Us?

Perhaps not surprisingly, a crime trends survey of 52 U.S. retailers conducted by the Retail Industry Leaders Association found that 84 percent of them experienced an increase in “amateur/opportunistic” shoplifting last fall compared to the same period a year earlier.
In this Gothamist interview, a self-proclaimed shoplifter, his/her identity obscured, details how he/she efficiently steals from Whole Foods on a weekly basis.
Perhaps Whole Foods, known for its socially conscious clientèle, should add Scuppies — Socially Conscious Upwardly Mobile Persons — to the top of its suspicious-shopper profile list.
Or maybe Whole Foods is too socially conscious for its own good; it fired an employee for attempting to stop a shoplifter.
If its employees can’t stop shoplifters, maybe posting signs like this would deter them.