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"That One" Is Truly Everywhere

I came home this evening and found five magazines waiting in the mailbox: Time, BusinessWeek, The Economist, Columbia (a university alumni magazine) and Natural History (from the Museum of Natural History).
Four of the five magazines had the same guy on the cover.
Yeah, that one, a.k.a. Barack Obama.
I have read a lot of interesting things by and about Obama in recent months (including this) but I have to admit that I bypassed all the Obama covers and reached for Natural History, which has a good cover story about Charles Darwin and coral atolls.
I know that magazines are staying alive by putting our new president on their covers, but I am a bit Obama’d out for the moment. Is anyone else?
Even the Natural History article has a slight, if unstated, Obama connection, for Darwin was born on the same exact day as the big O.’s great inspirer, Abraham Lincoln.