The FREAK-est Links

For dairy cows, just having a name makes them more productive. (HT: Karl Matulis) (Earlier)

In the world of startup competition, TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington draws the line at death threats and being spat on.

Out of Queens, N.Y., here’s another pay-what-you-wish cafe. (Earlier)

A traffic sign warns of “Zombies Ahead.” It’s just the work of hackers, assures the local department of transportation.

Here’s what the economy looks like at (HT: Gina Carey)


I love the guy quoted in the zombie article: "It's sort of amusing, but not at all helpful," he told Really? Not helpful? You had to point that out?


"Elsie was a real cow owned by family farmers in Connecticut. The Borden family approached the farmers, purchased Elsie, and commenced promoting her as their mascot." wikipedia

Things haven't been the same since.

cows are not so much unlike mothers.


Wait, wait, wait. You're drawing a causal link between naming a cow and the cow's production, but the article didn't say anything about whether the farmers were randomly assigned to either name or not name their cows. Without random assignment, we can't make any judgments as to whether the naming was the causal variable, or whether some third variable--perhaps being a more considerate farmer--was the causal variable behind both the naming and the increased yield. Correlation, as compelling as it inevitably is to the media, is not causation.


Isn't drawing general conclusions based their customer base - which would be a biased population and not a random sample. People who are enough worried about their finances to use a website to show them how & how much they are spending.