Awards Are Meaningless Except When They're Not

Despite charges that it simply wants to grab web traffic, has bravely gone ahead with its second annual list of the Top 25 blogs on the web. And guess who made the list? Yep. For the second straight year. We’d like to thank the Academy …

Seriously, we are flattered and thankful. Thanks especially to our excellent contributors and our readers, who are as engaged and engaging as any online readers I’ve come across. Here’s the complete list of’s top blogs and, at the end, its list of the five most overrated blogs. Would love to hear what you all think of these lists, especially from devotees of the “overrated” blogs.’s Top 25 Blogs:

Talking Points Memo
The Huffington Post
The Daily Dish
Zen Habits
The Conscience of a Liberal: Paul Krugman
Crooks and Liars
Generación Y
Official Google Blog
Seth Godin’s Blog
Deadspin: Sports News without Access, Favor, or Discretion
Confessions of a Pioneer Woman
Said the Gramophone
Detention Slip
Bad Astronomy

Most Overrated:

Jim Cramer’s Blog
Daily Kos: State of the Nation

Moe Rubenzahl

Well, I certainly have to agree with Time for including my blog, Oh, wait. They didn't. Grumble.

Congratulations to Freakonomics!

On a more serious note, I think this is pretty cool because blogs ar actucally doing what they are supposed to do, giving non-mainstream interests a forum. The list contains thoughtful, intelligent authors with something to say beyond what Britney and Paris are doing.

clyde McPhat

Hi...Allow me to throw a quick wrench into the machine....why are most of the sites listed by the publication left of center and some FAR left of center? And here is a scary grab from the front page of the top blog according to TIME:

These are TPM's Approved Blogs.....(I didn't realize I needed to have a stamp of approval for a way of thinking)...

Andrew Sullivan
Carpetbagger Report

I voted for Dems since 1972, so don't kill the messenger, but does the blogging community only have one way thought?

The top 25 blogs are not exactly a bastion of give and take. I like a debate on my politics, and not one way bashing.

Please let me know what I am missing.


I may or may not know IT employees who look at browsing histories on machines they work on. These people may or may not claim that every single woman in her twenties goes to on their work machine every single day. If you're not the target audience, it probably seems overrated, but for them, it seems like lifeblood.


Clyde post #2-

You're missing a coherent right-wing blog.. I wish there was an example I could give, but the vast majority are of the Freeper persuasion.. Not exactly something can willingly send its readers to.


Loved the book and didn't know about the blog. I'm glad Time's list directed me here.

Kevin in Chicago


I'd hesitate to say most of the blogs listed are left of center. A lot of them deal with hobbies and lifestyle, rather than politics.

But the reason you see stuff like HuffPo and TPM up there rather than right-wing blogs is that those blogs aren't very good.

And that TPM recommends other blogs that share its political stance? Hardly surprising.


Are you kidding? I'm *ecstatic* that none of the far-right sites got so much as mentioned. And, there's a reason for it, too. If you read them for a couple of days, you really will see that the overall level of discourse on those sites is really, really low. People don't debate there, they engage in crusades.

I kind of wish that there actually was a skilled and informed opposition to the left. Good debate is what steers democratic decisions to the best expectable equilibrium. Unfortunately, we just don't have that today.

If a right-wing blog wants a place in the awards, let them earn it. They've got a ways to go yet.


Where is This Is Why You're Fat on this list? Come on Time, and try to keep up.

Michael Rose

I think your 'overrated' list got truncated, as Ars Technica should be on there -- I mean 'should' in the sense of 'Time put it on the list,' not that it belongs there.


Congrats, although I'm not surprised.

What About Mom?

Show me a website that doesn't "simply want to grab web traffic" and I'll show you a dead newspaper.

Sudha m

Also note that the Dems are fundraising well on the net. As a registered Democrat, I am proud to belong to a party that thinks of the future, uses the latest medium, reaching out to more people.
The net is incorporated into the Democratic party's grassroot machine and they have been very much at the forefront of using the internet to get their messages out. So no surprise who owns the best blogs.


It's not the blogging community that has one-way thought, it's Time magazine.

This is the only one of their top 25 that I read regularly, and I wouldn't consider this one of the top 25 blogs that I read.

No Corner? No Hit N Run? No Volokh Conspiracy?

And of all the Atlantic bloggers, only Sullivan?

Really, Time magazine? Really?

Gunnar Grimnes

Funny -- Slashdot this year made it into the top list, last year it was one of the 5 most overrated. Jim Cramer's wall-street cheerleading blog made the overrated for the second time :)

C. Larity

I refuse to acknowledge any list that doesn't recognize the brilliance of Stuff White People Like.



Actually I frequent most of those blogs TPM lists (have for years) and you're kind of mistaken. TPM is one of the "old guard" blogs that's been around before the blogging boom. Same with Andrew Sullivan and Kausfiles. These guys helped start it all, and gave it credibility when it had none. Same with the likes of Dan Drezner, or the Plank. My point is, the "old guard" started off providing a favorites list to eachother, and the ones that stayed alive are still there, linked to one another. The old hands just "approve" the old hands the way they always have--regardless of politics. Check out Andrew Sullivan's or Kaus' list if you don't believe me. They're hardly left or left of center.

I'd like to also defend Gawker as an "overrated blog". While I've never been a fan of the actual site "Gawker", what TIME fails to mention is that Deadspin and Lifehacker (two of their Top 25) are both GAWKER MEDIA sites. A lot of their updates, visuals and writing are driven in part of the Gawker Media engine. To say that Gawker is outdated or overrated is to overlook that Gawker is essentially a blog that's grown into a multi-headed hydra that includes other interesting sites like Gizmodo, Kotaku i09 and Jalopnik. All of which are fairly quality (and booming) blogs.



What happened to!

You can't have an influential blog list without the blog that made Nate Silver a star, predicted each Senate race correctly, and was dead on in its presidential election predictions. And it's still making waves and posting interesting stuff after the election!


The best blog hands down in If more people had been reading that blog in 2005, perhaps we could have avoided the huge economic mess we have now.

Steven Anyone? Anyone?


Stephen and Steven

Congratulations. You guys deserve it.

Keep up the good stuff.