Security Blanket — With Sleeves!

The marketing hook for the suddenly-everywhere Snuggie is that its form-fitting coziness helps you keep down your home-heating bills. (O.K., that’s only one hook: the ads also claim that ordinary blankets are too cumbersome and may, tragically, entrap your hands.)

There are a host of other blankets-with-sleeves (a.k.a. “robes”) on the market, from the “original” Freedom Blanket to the socially conscious but awkwardly named Slanket. One upscale version, the Nuddle, even includes a pocket in front for your hands and another at the bottom for your feet (the Nuddle is so upscale that it doesn’t have sleeves, it has slats).

Niche-marketed blankets didn’t catch on last winter, when home heating costs skyrocketed with rising fuel prices.

So why now?


How did the Apollo astronauts get to the moon without these?

I don't think even Ron Popeil would use one of these.

With the housing bubble burst we could buy a trailer to wear our snuggies in for the same price.


Because people are sitting home unemployed watching commercials.


A fool and his/her money are soon parted.

The Weakonomist

Because this year we have more people out of work sitting at home watching TV. The idea of saving money now is a means of survival. It's purchasers will see it as a way to save big money.


has anyone seen the youtube spoof of the snuggies commercial? ridiculously hilarious.


I didn't see any evidence presented to show that they caught on this winter either. Just wear a jacket! How about those free heaters built by the Amish that use very little electricity? And watch out for Sham Wow imitators.


Never underestimate the power of a good name.


Perhaps it take about 1 year to develop, patent and start to market a product aimed at solving a problem such as skyrocketing home heating costs?


The advertising for these and other odd-ball products picked up when mainstream ad revenue began to dry up so stations lowered rates allowing the "marginal" advertisers to roll in.


The Snuggie ad has to be one of the best ads ever... When they show the family cheering on the bleachers at a sporting event, I just can't help but laugh thinking there is new type of cult sports following.


Viral marketing--an oddball ad and its subsequent spread on youtube--is the simple answer to this.


I would buy one so I too could look like a Jedi.


I think that the ridiculousness of the ad has turned it into an Internet meme, sort of like a Rick Astley effect.

Not Sure

Infomercials or "direct marketers" have agreements with TV networks to air their programming when spots remain unsold, so advertising rates have nothing to do with it. It is just a lack of demand from mainstream advertisers.


I love the advert on the Snuggie website suggesting "you can snuggle your baby in your arms [while wearing a Snuggie]".

What kind of parent would leave their baby in the now poorly-heated household without a Snuggie?


Well, if Freakonomics posts about them, they have to be good, so now I want one! ;)


I must be the only person on earth who has not seen a Snuggie ad. Yet, I watch plenty of TV. What shows do they advertise on? Who's the customer?

C. Collins

Perhaps will the austerity ahead, the "monk look" is the new fashion trend. Bowl haircuts will be next.


I love my Snuggie, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Has it lowered my heating bills? Of course not. Do I look rather silly in it? Absolutely, especially when I stand up. But don't knock it til you try it, people. The heat in my house shuts off at 11 PM, and it can get a little chilly late at night. The Snuggie keeps me toasty while keeping my hands free to use the remote control or turn the pages of a book. It is, in a word, awesome, even if I do look like a Jedi.


Sort of seems like the ShamWow or SlapChop of blankets.

I'll pass.