For the first link, about the $8, it struck me that many of those economists seemed out of touch with a normal consumer. I was expecting some good ideas about how I could use $8 on the weekend to help the economy or enjoy myself in a tough time. Instead, I saw many answers about hedge funds and macroeconomics. Could I be the one out of touch?

Robyn G

now I know why I spent so much time in Rome- learning by doing/speaking Italian (the hand movements) did it?

Which brings me to the question- of the most economy conscious way of spending $8 a week- answer- don't know- thought---- save it in a bank (they need it more than we do)-- so if we all save it- in principle they would have more to invest-- hence, maybe they would have more to lend--hence, just maybe I could re-finance my home at its lower real value-- without the banks feeling/getting too upset about the situation-- not than bankers have feelings--or are they human too?

science minded

Thanks- Steve-o