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FREAK Shots: Who Wins for Best Recession Cover?

Since the recession was made official, and even before, magazine covers brought out a host of recession-related imagery: downward-slanting arrows, roller coasters, and even (groan) the passé bear or bull.
Back in October, Vanessa Voltolina, writing for Folio magazine’s blog, asked BusinessWeek‘s art director Andrew Horton what makes a good or bad recession cover.
“There are a slew of recession clichés to choose from,” said Horton, but the best covers, in his opinion, are “simple and direct.”


He gave The Economist‘s “What Next?” cover (above left) low marks for being “confusing and a bit too muddy.”
But he liked Time‘s “The New Hard Times” cover (above right), because “I actually got sad looking at it — that’s how you know it’s good.”
What are your favorite recession cover picks for 2009? (See a few examples below.) And what clichés are you especially sick of by now?


May I suggest one of my own recessionary images:


Subtle, yet pointed. Though maybe the nearby Tilt-A-Whirl would have been more appropriate.