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Freakonomics: A Lighthearted Romantic Comedy Starring Drew Barrymore

New York magazine, riffing on Drew Barrymore‘s starring role in the film adaptation of He’s Just Not That Into You, suggests 10 other self-help books that should be Barrymore vehicles, including Freakonomics:

Drew Barrymore stars as a free-spirited Northwestern economics grad student who ventures into the Cabrini Green projects on the south side of Chicago to research the lives of drug dealers. Along the way, she finds herself drawn to a dashing young man (Tristan Wilds, The Wire) who yearns to escape the lifestyle and move with her to the suburbs of Evanston. The two quickly begin falling for each other, but one thing stands in the way of their blossoming romance: the fact that he still lives with his hilariously outspoken mother (Martin Lawrence).

Not bad, but why Northwestern? Is the University of Chicago just too eggheady? Anyway, we bet you could think of a few other storylines from the book that Barrymore might fit. For instance:
Drew Barrymore as the girlfriend of the last honest sumo wrestler (Masi Oka, Heroes), who puts it all on the line when he’s asked to rig a match to help his sumo-wrestling best friend (John Cho, Harold & Kumar)?
Drew Barrymore stars as a girl named Loser, whose romantically frustrated sister and Realtor, Winner (Katherine Marie Heigl, Gray’s Anatomy), becomes jealous when Loser finds the man of her dreams (Matthew McConaughey)?
BTW: If Freakonomics is a “self-help” book, then the Bible is a how-to.