How You Know It's Been Too Long Since You Published Your Last Book

I asked my 8-year-old daughter Amanda if she had any suggestions as to how I could be a better dad.

“Finish SuperFreakonomics,” she answered. “I am tired of waiting to read it.”


You go, girl! Nosy's waiting (im)patiently as well. Being a survivor of the disco era, I really hope SuperFreakonomics is a working title....


As am I!


Short, sweet and to the point.


Pokernomics? Ever?


C'mon Steven.. take the "hint" We're anxiously waiting as well and as for the "Disco Era" Theme.. Why not?

Jeff Bladt

Your daughter sounds very smart...have you thought of asking her for suggestions on how to structure the bailout?


Yeah, we all want the new book!!!


Listen to your little girl- she knows best!


Oh no!Not again!

(Just kidding, i LOVE your book)


Sounds like she's bucking for an increase in her allowance.

Bobby G

She really didn't ask for a pony?


Drei Jahre Arbeitslosigkeit senken den Rentenanspruch demnach deutlich stärker als drei Jahre Erziehungszeit. Vor allem Frauen drohe Altersarmut, warnt der am Donnerstag in Brüssel vorgestellte Bericht.

Ein einziges Jahr Babypause vergrößert die Rentenansprüche zwar in Deutschland und vier anderen EU-Staaten. In Österreich können Eltern in diesem Fall sogar mit über zwei Prozent Rentenzuwachs rechnen. Aber das zweite und dritte Jahr Erziehungsurlaub drückt das Altersgeld in fast allen Ländern spürbar: In Deutschland beläuft sich das Minus dann auf mehr als zwei Prozent.

In 16 Mitgliedstaaten sind die Regelungen für die Kindererziehung aber vorteilhafter als für Arbeitslose, wobei Frauen und Geringverdiener besonders betroffen sind. Drei Jahre Arbeitslosigkeit senken die Rentenbezüge laut EU-Bericht in Deutschland um 3,5 Prozent. In Rumänien, der Slowakei und Finnland müssen Erwerbslose nach drei Jahren Zwangspause sogar mit Rentenverlusten von sechs und mehr Prozent rechnen. Am geringsten sind die Einbußen in diesem Fall in Frankreich und Tschechien.


raivo pommer


CT reader

Please let us know when you'll be hosting "Freakstock" so that fans can come to a book signing or other events that you might host to launch the book.


Too bad Rick James is no longer with us, I could see him figuring into the marketing of SuperFreakonomics.

Jim M

The time is now. or sometime soon. Whenever the time is right.

I do have a question. I'm working on a project on the west side of Chicago in the Belmont Cragin neighborhood. When I am in my car in that neighborhood I notice a lot of cars with temporary license tags. Coworkers have speculated on the cause for the high numbers of temporary tags, sometimes half of the cars waiting for a light to change have temporary tags.

You are all bright people. What are the reasons?




I'm not sure if anybody already mentioned this, but check this out:

Looks like it's coming soon. And what about Freakonomics the Movie?


sorry, I chose a wrong link in #17. I meant this:

Amazon in Germany says it's gonna be out this December.


c'mon Steve you are much in demand in India too . we are waiting for the freakiesteconomics