Avi Rappoport

I'm all for walking and photos, but that's not even a tenth of Los Angeles, the city, much less the county. It's like walking around Manhattan and saying you know New York.

LA is the Valley, it's Watts, Chatsworth, Tuhunga, and all the way down to San Pedro! LA so much more than the northwest edges of the main basin.

This actually makes a point about LA and cars: Mathieu Young could only see a tiny bit of the city on foot.

-- grew up in Encino, commuted by freeway to junior high

John M

Yeah, and I notice he assiduously avoided downtown and South Central. Essentially we get to see how people in Encino and Hollywood live. Real balanced.

Bret S.

The goal wasn't to capture every type of person and area in Los Angeles - I think that would be quite a task for one guy. Of course he avoided areas where he might feel unsafe, walking with equipment - wouldn't you? These are great pictures!