FREAK Shots: Naked Flickr Promotion

Thanks to Flickr’s Creative Commons (made possible, in part, by Lawrence Lessig), where Flickr users make their photography available for public use, we often use Flickr images to spruce up this blog.

So how does Freakonomics show up on Flickr?

A search for “freakonomics” yielded 432 related images, most of which showed some version of the book cover. Among the highlights:

Flickr user squacco explains what’s going on in her (somewhat unsettling) photo:

Whilst pandas tend to be more domesticated, brown bears are often found to be making the most of the sunshine and reading the latest popular economics bestseller.

Flickr user Esthr reports that Freakonomics was second from the top in this New Delhi bookseller’s stack (quite likely a pirated version, btw).

As Flickr user Dianimall illustrates in the following photo, selling books on the street can have unintended consequences:

And of course, Flickr won’t let us off the hook for the pasty incident. As Flickr user jonanamary writes:

Dear Freakonomics writers, this is a pasty:


Are you assuming that more than half of the books in India are pirated copies?


The girl eating a pasty is pretty pasty.



I have just realised a deeper meaning to your book Freakonomics. In especially crime falling due to sterilisation of the working class you actually unlike other economists of the era appear to have supported Eugenics.

A perversion of Darwin's theory of evoloution you appear in your papers to be supporting a Nazi philosophy of genetic genocide.


AMG, actually, his friend told him a story about finding a pirated copy of Freakonomics from a street bookseller in India. I guess that makes it pretty likely that all copies of Freakonomics in India are pirated. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay assumptions!

thecools, UK

"The girl eating a pasty is pretty pasty."

Welcome to Britain...


LiveLife, you crazy. You act as if he's supposed to take into account social conditions and institutionalized and systemic bias that puts people of color and those of lower socioeconomic status into positions that could result in more children being born into a context that makes future criminality more likely. None of that matters. Just the numbers, man!

Jordan Conley

Wow that is the quickest application of Godwin's Law ever. Good work LiveLife's_Law

Charles Clarkson

Er ...


According to Godwins law any reference to Nazi or Genocide by way of comparrison automaticly means the person first mentioning it automatically loses and the thread ends.

So with that in mind I would say that if people can not see a similarity between Stephen's idea that legalised abortion caused crime to decrease in New York and the Nazi Philosophy of Eugenics and Genetic Genocide then they could not possibly contribute to the discussion and therefore it should end.


I think what really happened in New York was documented by a economist who I believe shunned your ideas. By change in social enviroment a reduction of crime happened. Meaning a end to all Eugenics. Your challenge to that was to promote a Eugenic Theory.

Your theory is incorrect ask anyone in the world, I grew up on a council estate full of abortion and crime was rife because people knew it was a no go area for the police.

We are born equal Social Enviroment creates diversion and intelligence is not an easy thing to calculate. Somone can be a athelete but poor academically, or a artist a singer etc...

Your idea in relating abortion with drop in crime instead of enviromental social change are Nazi Ideology............


I really hate pro-lifers.

Did you read the book? Or are you just copying talking points from some dogmatic simpleton's blog?

Philippe Magnan

I've bought the Freakonomics books in Mumbai -- and realise afterwards (yeah, I'm kind of a suckah) that it was indeed a pirated version...

Sorry guys. But great book, btw!


Pasties are big in Minnesota too! All the supermarkets have them there.

My mother claims that in the Iron Range miners would take them down for lunch because they would keep hot for Also, some quick wikipedia searching shows that there is an annual Pasty Fest in Calumet, Michigan in early July.


Selective abortion as a result of localised wealth *is* an environmental social change. Eugenics specifies that some primates are genetically inferior, while the hypothesis here is that all primate critters do less well if born into a situation that can't fully sustain them.

If you want to have an argument, LL & co, please find a topic you actually disagree about. Kthxbai.