Recession Reading

| Via Andrew Sullivan: romance novel sales are up — after generating $1.375 billion in revenue in 2007. Expect these numbers to rise, even as other areas of the entertainment industry suffer, because romance novels tend to do better in economic downturns. O.K., so if we’re spending the recession fighting off zombie banks, can we expect a big spike in paranormal romances, too? (Here’s looking at you, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.) [%comments]

John S.

Will every little statistical blip now be blamed on or somehow related to the recession? It may make a great hook for a newspaper article or blog post, but unless you can show me some evidence that the sale of romance novels is correlated with GDP growth, this is nothing more than speculation.

A perfect example was the headline on the front page of the Times the other day: "Bad Economy Leads Patients to Put Off Surgery, or Rush It."

"Or something", I wanted to add.


Ah, "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" is hopefully the beginning of a trend of "spicing up" classic novels in order to broaden there appeal. Anyone that abhors this idea should try and leave their inner snob behind and appreciate it for being one of the few ways to make anything by Jane Austen appealing to the average male. I'm saying this out of experience... I remember reading "Pride and Prejudice" in college lit and feeling that it was tantamount to torture. Edith Wharton... anything by a Bronte... there's a lot of literature out there that could use a little bone-crunching action!


Yes. Paranormal romance sales are on the rise.