Sexy Missiles for Sale

| Banking on Bollywood’s ability to sell almost anything in India, an Israeli arms firm thought it might work for weapons as well, and presented this song-and-dance missile commercial at an Indian trade fair. We already asked what Indian blog readers thought of the Bolly-infused, Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire, so what about this commercial? Will it actually sell missiles? (HT: Mayur Misra) [%comments]

Preetam Rai

good effort, I am impressed.

Tom Woolf

I just couldn't... just couldn't finish watching...

Nishank Modi

This is the most hilarious video I've seen in a while although it is slightly discomforting to see a weapons manufacturing firm with so little common sense.


It's brilliant. Who has heard of Rafael before this? And now they had a write-up in Times Online. The video is painful, but as a PR move, I still think it's quite smart.

John M.

Oh, that totally rocks! I am going to go out and buy some Israeli missiles right now.


I'm wondering who exactly they were marketing to? Are they trying to sell things to someone specific, or just trying to develop good will of the general public to their name like BP doing clean energy commercials?


OMMMGG!!! I can't believe this arm pit of an ad!

I'm Indian and I really wanna buy a missile now ;)




if this works.. i will have an even lower opinion of the indian decision makers..[if thats possible]


While I love desi-jokes like any self-respecting, ironic, global-trotting desi yuppie intellectual, this one was in poor taste. I'm not sure brown-face is the right way to sell your arms, sorry.

In fact, I'm so pissed with this, that I'll write a letter to my parliamentary constituency's MP to do all his best to not choose Rafael at all. When s/he gets elected, that is, after the elections.


From what I have seen in Bollywood film clips shown in my local Indian takeaway shop, the big mistake is that they have used women who look Indian. In all the Bollywood stuff I have seen, the women all have extremely western features and look nothing like the poor, dark-skinned Indians you see in various news footage or documentaries. So, I think it wont work.


Hilarious...more than the dance, it is the song thats kills you.... :-)) Dingadingadee...was rolling on the floor when I heard it the first time...

I might have thought about having some brawny actors (e.g. Sunny or Salman) with bazookas and choicest Bollywood expletives... But then again, I had no say in the matter... :-)


The video was in a bad taste...I don't think it will draw large number of customers.


the video is lame. but, it does make me ROFL at the Israelis... they need to hire a better ad firm. LOLZ...

John Stracke

"In all the Bollywood stuff I have seen, the women all have extremely western features" -- Take another look. In particular, look at the backup dancers. One looks like a white American with a slight tan; another is even paler, plus she's American-pudgy.

And the female lead looks pretty Western, too--what might be misleading you is that, instead of looking somewhere between, say, Indian and Anglo, she looks somewhere between Indian and Middle Eastern...which makes perfect sense for an Israeli company.