New Editors at Brookings

O.K., I’ll admit that I’ve done plenty of hand-wringing about the state of economics. And now I’m going to do something about it. This morning, Brookings announced that David Romer and I will be taking over as the new editors of the Brookings Papers on Economic Activity. We’ve got some pretty big shoes to fill — left empty by Larry Summers (who left to head the National Economic Council), Doug Elmendorf (who left to head the Congressional Budget Office), and my one-time coauthor and former C.E.A. chair, Greg Mankiw. David and I are also signing on as nonresident senior fellows.

The B.P.E.A. has played an enormously important role in linking academic and policy debates. In recent years, we’ve had papers from an astonishing array of the very best economists: Acemoglu, Akerlof, Barro, Caballero, Glaeser, Goldin, Hall, Johnson, Katz, Krueger, Krugman, Nordhaus, Rodrik, Shleifer, Sims, and Shiller all spring to mind, just from the last couple of years. We are looking forward to continuing that tradition, and the spring meeting is already shaping up to be a terrific program.

And the real bonus is that David Romer is one of the smartest guys I know, so it will be great fun to be working together. The best way to keep learning economics is to find opportunities to be the dumbest guy in a very smart room, and this is going to give me this opportunity in spades.

The full Brookings press release is here.


Congratulations, Justin!!

Robert D

Congrats and give 'em hell! Who, exactly? Not sure, but I'll bet someone needs some hell given to him.

As a side note, I find it humorous that they found your participation in this little venture as a worthy credit alongside all the other credentials listed in that press release. In one corner, the IMF. In the other, writing blurbs for us yahoos who read this blog.


Justin - congratulations on the news. I hope you continue the great work from here to there. Does this mean you wont blog anymore though? :-(


wow -- many congrats, and i'd love to be a fly on the wall when you and he and spouses have that first celebratory dinner. I might need a glossary for the parsing of political, professional, punditry power pairs. 4 seats with aggregate table IQ in the 4-figures.