Was It Something We Posted?

| Google doesn’t know why, but China blocked the entire YouTube site on Monday, cutting off access for all Chinese citizens. Maybe, posits Wired‘s Eliot Van Buskirk, one of China’s censorship workers mistakenly blocked the entire site (instead of just select URL’s, as had been done in the past); maybe a single video really offended the Chinese government; or maybe they just got sick of hearing our recession ballads … [%comments]


It may have something to do with the coming 50th anniversary of China's "liberation" of Tibet. Apparently China has declared it "Serf Liberation Day" and have stationed police all over the entire region in order to enforce the spirit of joy. The YouTube blockage was perhaps designed to prevent the general populace from watching footage of Chinese police brutality against Tibetan protestors taken on the same date last year.

Link from the Economist:

Eric M. Jones

As stable as some view China, I have to wonder...every few years they have some sort of revolution. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.


They blocked Youtube because they could.


Wasn't it due to a fake video of Chinese authorities beating a protester to death?

As much as we like to think that the U.S. is the land of the free, we've given up considerable liberties in the name of security. China is four times as populous. I imagine it was for security purposes.


Current government in Turkey (which has Islamic roots, and was backed by the west when it was trying to come to power), has banned youtube repeatedly since it came to power. A ban is currently in effect since last summer.. It is not the only site that is banned though, the government also banned hundreds of internet sites over the world, especially those that belong to the scientists that engage in research in evolution.


they have an automated system for detecting "sensitive" phrases and how many netizen in china has tried to view them. The webpages containing those phrases are always being filtered/blocked. If there are too many people trying to access that pages in a given period of time, the whole site would be blocked for some time. It happened to a lot of blog hosting sites.


Or could it be because of this?:



I find it quite funny. Every body makes mistakes when they have a job, but the fact hat this guy had a job like this and he accidentally used his power of the web and was able to accidentally cut off all of You Tube makes it even better. I'd like to see him do it again because it could have saved a lot of people money because of the lack of time from being on the computer. They might have saved their country millions of dollars, not that that's a lot of money for such a country.