And Sarah

My family is somewhat obsessed with all things Sarah Dooley. We were first won over by her oddly moving songs. Check out this love song, “Watching Goonies at My House.”

But she is also writing and staring in her own comedies. As an undergraduate at Barnard College, she has started posting to YouTube a series of short And Sarah films that to my mind are nothing short of hilarious. Her character reminds me a bit of Michael Scott from The Office. She makes me squirm in part because she reminds me of myself.

She just posted a new episode that brings up another of my obsessions — Freakonomics. Check out what she’s reading about 15 seconds into this clip:

(If you like it, you can go back and start with episode one).

I predict she is going to make it big. I’m not sure how, but remember you heard it here first.


Well, she clearly wants to be like Michael Scott...but his character shows just how much talent it takes to pull off such humor. Sarah lacks this talent, and ends up just being annoying.


Anyone remember the viral video from a year or so ago of the high school kids busking, playing Video Killed The Radio Star. They were on some sort of pedestrian mall and their instrumentation included an upright bass and maybe a banjo?


Nope, which is probably a good comment on such things and how they go over in the real world.


People are always looking for ways to make some money. Most of all during crisis times. She is probably doing this shows to get people to watch her, so that after a certain amount of views, some people might turn out to hire her, causing her to win some money. She is seeking fame on youtube, and if she is able to obtain the fame she has been looking for in youtube, then she would be able to get some money out of the whole process.


She's a student at Barnard, not Columbia.
I promise you there's a difference.

Fellow Columbian

OK, I know it's a time-honored internet tradition to bash people, but the last comment (#4) was a little uncalled for. She's been doing those videos since last year, and she's also starred in Columbia's annual musical in her freshmen year. Needless to say, she's got game.


In response to the previous comment regarding Sarah Dooley's more selfish motivations: clearly the writer does not understand Youtube. Is little David all doped up on post-dentist laughing gas in his parents' minivan rolling in dough? Are the baby pandas making money? Sarah may hope to be discovered through Youtube, but immediate cash is never guaranteed and moreover, her talent and efforts are genuine. A busy Columbia student would not take this much time and brain work to film an original scripted series if she didn't have the drive and purer desire for a creative outlet to back it. There are easier ways to get famous. Sarah Dooley is just doing what aspiring creative types have done for years before: putting in the creative energy with the hope but not the assurance of being discovered. Here on campus, she's already earned the respect of her fellow students for her wit, comedic timing and uncanny ability to capture the real monotony and joys that make up college life. That might not be all she deserves- but if you ask her, I'm sure she would tell you it's enough.
Watch Episode 1:



When does it get funny. I am up to 3 minutes already.


These are great videos. Don't forget to credit Rachel Mersky who directed, filmed, and edited these episodes. These are collaborative creations.


This talented young woman is only half the reason these videos are garnering attention. Equal praise should be given to another very talented Barnard student, Rachel Mersky, who directs, films, and edits every episode. Overlooking her contribution is a failure of recognition for a job well done on her part.


I think Sarah Dooley is extremely talented. Her videos are hysterical and I have been watching them since last year. Her song, "Watching Goonies at My House" is played during the end credits of her clips. I never listened to it in full before now. But wow, this girl is talented. She is a perfect mix between Michael Scott and Regina Spektor. I hope she does get big. And if she's got talent why shouldn't she profit from it?


Full of Barnard pride right now! Sarah is hilarious, endearing, quirky, clever. Props also to the talented director, Rachel (Barnard also, I presume...) And what a beautiful voice--I agree, Regina Spektor-esque.


Well, I've got a new girl crush. Now the Sarahs Dooley and Haskins can battle it out for my heart.


I think these are fantastic! I think that she has totally succeeded in taking an incredibly lame an boring subject -- how horrible my life was (is) in college -- and made it into something very very funny. What I like most is that these clips stand up to some great writing on primetime. I really hope she develops her monumental talent and makes it big.

(Another) Melissa

I'm a not-so-closeted YouTube nerd, and when I first saw Sarah's videos I fell in love! There is no denying that she is hilarious. Her awkward comedy IS like Michael from The Office, which she acknowledges, but at the same time her original episodes and musical compositions show she has so much talent. And she goes to Barnard, which is the dream school of so many of my friends. She's legitimate. So basically, I, too, have a girl crush on Sarah Dooley, and I'd like to shout it from the rooftops.

A Fan

I absolutely love her material.
She's perfect for what she's doing.


Dear Melissa Who Pointed Out Sarah does not go to Columbia,
Sarah Dooley is in Barnard's Class of 2011. Thereby, she goes to Columbia University, not Columbia College. There is a difference. Learn it.

(Another) Barnard Student

My friend showed me this post & I luv them (not just b/c finally a barnard student has gotten attention for something!) Whether or not u get the humor (if u don't like the office then u prob wont like this & ur crazy) she has some serious talent! Hopefully someone picks this up!

susan benedetti

Creative genious, as well as Mersky....I would pay for cable for this


im a big fan of the goonies song and i haven't been able to stop listening since i found out about it this weekend. def check out her myspace, has so many more songs. also w/regards to the columbia vs. barnard comments, melissa is right - barnard is not part of columbia. barnard's engaged in a partnership with columbia and last i checked, it rejected an offer to merge with columbia. it's a separate institution with great music and dance depts. although melissa's comment is unwarranted (there's nothing in hte post to suggest that she goes to columbia), i def understand where she's coming from. too many barnard girls lie on their resumes that they're "columbia college" and get jobs that would have otherwise gone to genuine columbia college students.