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And Sarah

My family is somewhat obsessed with all things Sarah Dooley. We were first won over by her oddly moving songs. Check out this love song, “Watching Goonies at My House.”
But she is also writing and staring in her own comedies. As an undergraduate at Barnard College, she has started posting to YouTube a series of short And Sarah films that to my mind are nothing short of hilarious. Her character reminds me a bit of Michael Scott from The Office. She makes me squirm in part because she reminds me of myself.
She just posted a new episode that brings up another of my obsessions — Freakonomics. Check out what she’s reading about 15 seconds into this clip:

(If you like it, you can go back and start with episode one).
I predict she is going to make it big. I’m not sure how, but remember you heard it here first.