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Are You Upgrading Your Kindle?

Some things — Terminator, Elvis — were better in their original incarnations. Forbes‘s Andy Greenberg thinks the Kindle was too.
The Kindle2, which came out this week, doesn’t “feel as natural for reading” as the original Kindle, Greenberg writes. Its “cold and slippery” aluminum back and smaller page-turning buttons, he says, make the Kindle2 seem “more interested in wowing customers with its iPod-like exterior than in comfortably filling the space between an index finger and a thumb.”
The original Kindle found success by appealing to “passionate readers,” as The Economist reports, who are generally older and want an authentic reading experience over flashy gadgetry.
So Kindle1 users, are you thinking about paying another $359 to upgrade? Nonusers, does the Kindle2 turn you on?
Amazon is making sure the Kindle2 comes with at least one unique incentive: a new novella by Stephen King — who’s been at the center of electronic publishing for quite a few years — is only available on the Kindle2 .