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Don't Fear the Reefer


Toronto-based Hilco Consumer Capital won what many call the “holy grail of advertising,” reports NPR: the right to sell Bob Marley‘s name. The company partnered with the Marleys to begin rolling out Marley-branded products like salad dressing and a video game.
The obvious issue with the brand, as NPR puts it: “Marley was a major stoner.”
Hilco’s marketing team isn’t concerned. They don’t see the “Marley aesthetic” promoting drug use so much as a “relaxed lifestyle” — which, they tell NPR, lends itself well to selling things like snowboards and spices.
This brings up the question: if marijuana were ever legalized, would any existing companies jump to create their own lines of pot (think Marlboro Reefer or even Budweiser Bud)? Or would it take a while for them to feel comfortable associating their brand names with something formerly illegal?