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FREAK Shots: Naked Flickr Promotion

Thanks to Flickr’s Creative Commons (made possible, in part, by Lawrence Lessig), where Flickr users make their photography available for public use, we often use Flickr images to spruce up this blog.
So how does Freakonomics show up on Flickr?
A search for “freakonomics” yielded 432 related images, most of which showed some version of the book cover. Among the highlights:
Flickr user squacco explains what’s going on in her (somewhat unsettling) photo:

Whilst pandas tend to be more domesticated, brown bears are often found to be making the most of the sunshine and reading the latest popular economics bestseller.

Flickr user Esthr reports that Freakonomics was second from the top in this New Delhi bookseller’s stack (quite likely a pirated version, btw).

As Flickr user Dianimall illustrates in the following photo, selling books on the street can have unintended consequences:

And of course, Flickr won’t let us off the hook for the pasty incident. As Flickr user jonanamary writes:

Dear Freakonomics writers, this is a pasty: