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Ladies' Day at the Beach


The Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas boasts the Moorea Club, which it advertises as offering a European-style beach, with entry limited to ages 21 and over.
It does not advertise that the price of day use is $50 for male customers and $10 for female customers. While examples of price discrimination are ubiquitous, this is one of the purest examples of demand-based price discrimination. The service the club offers is the same to men and women: a place in the sun, which is equally costly to the club regardless of the patron’s gender.
Presumably, women’s price elasticity of demand for the pleasures of the club exceeds that of men, justifying the price differential. As a vacation spot, I’m not impressed with the Moorea Club, preferring a real beach in Europe. But I suppose the overall cost of going to an artificial European beach in Vegas is less, as there’s no need to buy a trans-Atlantic air ticket. To me this Club is useful, though; it offers one of the most clear-cut examples of this type of price discrimination.
(Hat tip: DJH)