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The Domain-Name Shakedown

Here’s an e-mail I received the other day:

I own a manufacturing company and have been a successful investor and equity trader for 20 years. I have an in-depth understanding of the current O.T.C. derivative crisis that is infecting the global financial system. This led me to the acquisition of [REDACTED] as I saw the developing theme. I currently do not have the time to monetize this domain via a blog or a book venture so I thought I would offer the domain to you as it seems like a natural progression or addition to your Freakonomics series. I believe the term [—–]-nomics will be a very valuable asset in two or three years once the mass public begins to understand that the last 30 years was one big [REDACTED] that our government orchestrated via Keynesian economics. I would be willing to transfer over the domain property for $5,000. If you do a Google search of the term [—–]-nomics you can see the term is growing in popularity at a very fast pace.
With your current Freakonomics brand, what a great way to expand with a book on an economy that was built on one big [REDACTED] … The term [—–]-nomics is going to start catching fire and I am confident somebody is going to write a book with the title [—–]-nomics. I have over 150 domain names within my own industry which is manufacturing so it does not make sense for me to focus my energies on this topic.
I appreciate your consideration and feel confident that this asset for $5,000 will be a bargain two to three years from now. You are the first person I have contacted with respect to the sale of this domain. I have a long list of potential buyers that should find this price more than reasonable considering the ever-growing use of this term.

1. While I appreciate this gentleman’s offer to get in on the ground floor of this fantastic deal, I did not reply. Perhaps this was rude.
2. The term in question currently generates fewer than 2,500 Google hits.
3. While the term itself is appealing enough, I wonder about its raw value absent a high-quality product associated with it.
4. This gentleman was probably wise to write to someone like me, in that the domain is worth far more to me than any sane person. Just like a New York City apartment that’s new to the market is far more valuable to the people living next door so they can expand. Was I wrong to reject his offer?