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Time's 100 Most Influential People

For the last few years, Time magazine has compiled a list of the 100 people who “shape our world.” In the past, they’ve made some pretty questionable choices.
Economists have not figured very prominently on the previous lists; there has been roughly one economist in the top 100 per year, including people like Jeff Sachs and Larry Summers.
This year, things might change.
Although the official list has not been announced, anyone who wants can cast votes for the 203 finalists at Remarkably, there are loads of economists among those in the running. As I write this, my friend Roland Fryer is ranked 38th. Ben Bernanke is at 133, Tim Geithner is at 152 (does he count as an economist?), Nouriel Roubini is at 161, Paul Krugman is at 168, Nate Silver is at 181 (not an economist, but close enough), and Richard Thaler is at 184.
One lesson from the voting is that you will get absurd results if you let internet votes decide anything. The top two vote getters right now are Moot and Rain — whoever or whatever they are.
And completely predictably, Ron Paul is the third-ranked vote getter.