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What Happens If You Are Far-Sighted in Thailand?

The first sign of middle age has hit home with my wife: she can no longer read small print up close and has to resort to the “reach,” where she extends her arm as far as she can to read books.
That same fate probably soon awaits me as well, which makes me glad I am not Thai. I’ve never really noticed what Thai writing looks like in print, but the Thai-language version of Freakonomics just hit the shelves, and the publisher just sent me a complimentary copy. Flipping open the book, I could not believe how intricate and tiny all the lettering is. I couldn’t find a way to replicate a passage from the book in Thai, but I think this blog post in Thai about Freakonomics will start to make my point.
Is there any other written language in the world that punishes someone who has trouble seeing up close that’s worse than Thai?