Ladies and Gentlemen, The Internet Sings

This may sound like a chorus of goblins, but it’s really the sound of the internet — of two thousand people, each paid to make just one tone, synthesized into a rendition of the song “Daisy Bell.” Why this song? When scientists used a computer to synthesize music for the first time, in 1962, they used “Daisy.” A few years later, Stanley Kubrick used it as the computer Hal‘s death song in 2001. Fitting, then, that in 2009 it should be the theme song of emergent web behavior. [%comments]


There's two minutes of my life I'll never get back again.


Ouch. What an awful waste of time (and probably money).

Just because it involves lots of people does not make it useful.

Here is another idea hire 1 million monkeys with typewriters ... profit

Giovanni Ciriani

I realized reading this that I couldn't relate to the song. My wife explained to me that every US child learns it. Growing up in Italy, I watched instead the Italian version which had a different song "Girotondo". It was picked for the Italian version of "2001 a Space Oddity", because otherwise moviegoers could not relate to a childhood song. I wonder if the people who adapted the movie to Italian culture had any idea that Daisy Bell was instead picked because of early experiments with computers synthesizing human voice.

Tariq F

I cannot think of a more fitting description than "chorus of goblins". A lot of time was wasted to produce that monstrosity.


@#3 Giovanni --

No child or adult I know in the U.S. knows this song, except through 2001 Space Odyssey (well, some adults recognize it from that). Children are not generally taught this song -- I would consider it quite rare.


Too bad they recruited such a high percentage of tone-deaf singers! Listen to the individual voices in any one of the notes. American Idols they are not.


They should try this with "Give Peace A Chance".