Winner, Loser, and Marijuana Pepsi

We wrote in Freakonomics about two brothers named Winner and Loser.


Winner became a lifetime criminal; Loser a detective in the NYPD. The story of these two brothers matched the findings of my academic research with Roland Fryer, which found no impact of a child’s name on her life.

Now, from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, we have the story of three sisters: Kimberly, Robin, and Marijuana Pepsi Jackson. Just like Loser before her, Marijuana Pepsi has made something of her life, earning a master’s degree in education.


There is this song called "A boy named Sue", about a guy being successful because of his girly name.

Marijuana Pepsi

Dr. Levitt,

Although a few years old, I just saw a tweet of this posting. You do great work. Many thanks to you and Dr. Fryer for highlighting this topic. For some reason, I find it interesting....

My own dissertation examines the educational experiences of students with distinctly black names in relation to teacher perceptions and expectations. Thank you for helping to make this a viable research topic.


Marijuana Sawyer-Clardy