Révolte des Vignerons

Levitt‘s cheap wine advocacy may have met its match. To protest the falling price of wine, a French group calling itself the Regional Union for Viticultural Action has attacked French supermarkets in the past. Now it has adopted a more supply-side approach: the wine militants recently broke into a cooperative in the south of France, emptying vats of wine containing the equivalent of 1.2 million bottles of red, white, and rosé. They are demanding an end to overproduction across Europe. [%comments]


who on earth would protest the falling price of wine? agribusiness? nuns?- boy, talk about an unholy union


Combat this with a "demand-side" approach: Boycott all wines associated with this militant union until they make full reparations for their garish and reprehensible behavior.


Some should tell these guys about the "Wine Pod"... it would probably explode their heads...




You don't know any French people do you?

Didn't think so.


1.2 million bottles of red, white, and rosé

Here in Scotland we don't stoop to such things. We are very careful about our environment, our farmland, our country. Whenever we dump out that much scotch or even less we are meticulous about carefully filtering it before the dump, carefully filtering it through our kidneys.


This is pure stupidity! Typical French self-pitying, always waiting for the government to solve everyone's problems and defend them against thae "evil" of free markets and competition. What they should do instead is broaden their sales base, which now is easy through the internet, thus creating more demand.


There is a very good case-study about this issue in HBS: http://harvardbusinessonline.hbsp.harvard.edu/b02/en/common/item_detail.jhtml;jsessionid=GRYGCZB4XSFASAKRGWDSELQBKE0YIISW?id=303056&_requestid=16483


I'm going to assume that the membership of this organization is made up of wine growers and vintners. Did they dump their own wine? Or only the wine of other vintners?


"They are demanding an end to overproduction across Europe." - did they cut back their own production or they just wanted OTHER European counties to do so?