Kids Read for Free

If going to the library is a hassle and you don’t want to pay $20 for a children’s book, plop your kids in front of this website, which offers children’s stories for free. The stories are all original and written by the site’s proprietors, so you won’t find certain books there — but they may be the perfect therapy for recovering Poptropica addicts. [%comments]


I would also suggest searching for free ebooks on the internet. Some of them [even the free ones] are interactive, have animated illustrations, highlight the words as the story is being read aloud or even have click on a word capability. A recent site I found,, has some really good free example books which are professionally published. Search for yourself as there are other sites ... but as the old story goes you may have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince.


Yes, instead of taking your child to a library where they can experience story time with other kids and learn to socialize, just plop them in front of the computer because you don't want to be "hassled." You chose to have kids, or to engage in an act known to cause kids, so take some responsibility.


Really? Going to the library once a week to get your child new books is "too much of a hassle"? That says a lot for your parenting skills and priorities.


I don't think we should throw out the baby with the bathwater. The point I would emphasize is not the parenting skills hinted at in the wording of the post, but rather that the internet and sites like these are a great source for FREE stories for children.

Brandt Smigle

Interesting sight....the Noble the Gnarble story reads to me! Let's be serious, kids aren't going to the library anyway. This beats twitter, facebook, and myspace (hands down!)


This is a wonderful format for kids. These stories are original and entertaining. Print a few out and read them to your children at night.

Brian Barnyardie

Wow - this is an excellent site. Thanks for posting the link.

The stories are real original and fun - I'm sure my young ones will like this.


Actually, this website promotes the use of libraries. So what's the downside to reading original FREE children's stories every week.? Check out "The Story of Yes and No" and "How the Firefly Got Its Light" to see how how great the stories are.


Paul, DL,

It sounds like your library is free of bums and schizophrenics. Not all of us have that luxury.

Anthony Roundabend

Fantastic site!!! My seven year old was home sick from school today and has fallen in love with the stories and art work. He especially loved "No dancing at the dinner table" and "night hippos."

This site is exactly the type of supplemental tool we as parents need more of and should embrace.

Brandt Smigle

Plus, if you got to the public library, you'll probably get swine flu. Nobody wants swine flu.

Mike Cunningham

My wife and I both work and getting to a library isnt always as convenient as you may think. This is a great site and the idea behind it is amazing. It isnt about depriving your children of contact with the outside world, it is a fun alternative that isnt about making children lazy. I know its a crazy concept DL and Paul but lets try to think outside the box here.


No, in my community everyone is welcome to use the library as long as they follow the rules. However, adults w/o children are not allowed in the story time areas.


Great site! Its nice to have a safe place on the internet for children. I love the format, very (kid) user friendly.

Dishwashia! is currently on my fridge.



I am an elementary school teacher in NJ and have found this site to be an exceptional aid both in and out of the classroom. In the classroom it allows students to read a variety of stories at their own learning pace and keeps students positively occupied while I work with others. Not to mention, the kids LOVE the site's illustrations!

Furthermore, many of my students are from single-parent families or families where both parents work full time. The site gives children a reliable resource that they are very capable of accessing without an adult there "holding their hand". (We all know the younger generations are much more technologically savvy these days - "I'm a PC and I'm 7yrs old"). Not only does this encourage kids to be independent but it allows them to read whenever they want without it coming across as "homework". Young minds are much more open to growth, retention and creative inspiration when the child has a genuine interest in the educational activity.

I commend the site's prioprietors for such a forward thinking concept and I hope the site continues to provide entertaining, educational works for my classes in the years to come!



Perhaps we should not be so literal and let the brief summary designed to hook interest in undermine the value of the site. Basically the purpose is to bypass the corporate profit driven BS and just give the kids some great original stories to read. It is a great resource for parents, children, and even educators. Did you even click on the link? Thanks for your intelligent contributions DL and Paul.



Not everybody has access to a decent library. And even if you get to the library once a week that might not be enough to satisfy a kid who is a voracious reader.

I don't think anyone is suggesting that we stop going to the library - just that sites like this and Starfall (Google it) are great alternative sources of (often interactive) reading material.

BTW - since when did kids go to the library to socialize? In my experience as a kid, libraries were a place where any attempts to communicate were met with a "Shhhhhhhh" from disapproving adults.


Paul/DL I don't think anyone is suggesting that electronic books are a replacement for paper books or visiting the library but with 20% of children in the UK and USA leaving primary/elementary school without the expected level of literacy skills then anything we can do to get kids reading more must be a good thing? I for one would rather my children be using the computer to read more books/stories than playing some mindless game or wasting hours on twitter/myspace. If kids love using the computer why not use it to get them reading more? And what about supporting children who are reluctant readers to provide books in a medium that they may enjoy, or help support parents whose first language is not english[for those books that have audio]?
PS some libraries even stock ebooks!

Sarah Burns

While that's an interesting site, another one for a more international audience that has a lot of published books is: International Children's Digital Library:

It's a great resource and has a children-centered user interface that allows kids to browse in a non-traditional fashion (by cover colours and types of books).

It's an awesome site and a lot of work went into designing the interface.


I am a preschool teacher and let's just say that I don't do my job for the huge salary. I don't mind spending money on books for my classroom but it definitely adds up. I have found this website useful for helping my kids use their imaginations. I print out the stories and using them during quiet time. I have the children lie on the rug and close their eyes while I read the stories. After it's done I tell them to be as creative as they can and have them draw a picture of their favorite part of the story. I print out the pictures from that website that go with each story but I wait to show them to the kids until after they have drawn theirs so as not to influence them.