Jose Hernandez

Of course Iris is a regular name, how can that win, is name of the year no last name of the year.


I love the name of the chairman of the Tata Group - Ratan Tata. If you say it right, it sounds like a fanfare.

Leland Witter

An anagram of Barkevious Mingo is: Remaking Obvious

Leland Witter

And an anagram of Freakonomics is Oaf Monickers - allowing for the variant spelling of 'moniker'


I was so Team Macadangdang. I'm totally going to use that as a first name for one of my kids.


Hooray for making fun of people with non-English sounding names!!!


There's always Mark Lemongello, who played for the Detroit Tigers in 1976. (There are actually a number of people with that last name, though I believe he'd be the most "famous"...)