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If I Change My Name to Millionaire, Will I Win the Lottery?

We’ve said it many times before: your name is not your destiny.
Unless you choose to make it so.
In our continuing quest to bring you Grade A aptonyms from every walk of life, here’s the latest offering:
+ The author of a new bread cookbook, Kneadlessly Simple, named Nancy Baggett. (HT: Raj Pandravada.)
+ The president of American Rivers, a conservation group, named Rebecca Wodder. (HT: Matt Hotz.)
+ Even better, the state of Louisiana’s recovery director, who oversees Katrina funds, named Paul Rainwater. (HT: Evan Rakowski.)
+ The World Bank’s director of development policy, named David Dollar. (HT: Raj again.)
+ And the chairman of the Ursinus College Economics Department, named none other than Andrew Economopoulos. (HT: Brian Engelhardt.)
The N.Y. Daily News recently published an article about aptly-named New Yorkers. Don’t mean to carp, but most of them weren’t half as good as the names you all sent in. (An artist named Art? A hairdresser named Harry? C’mon!)
That said, the News article did have a great one: Zoe Hamburger, a public relations executive who handles the New York-area McDonald’s franchises.
But I bet you can top that.