New Math: No Pain, No Gain

Here is the latest installment of Craig Damrauer‘s “New Math.” Earlier posts can be found here, and his own site here.




eyepatch bought at walmart = coverup + added layer of adventure

Space Pirate

Craig Damrauer = Dimitri Martin - Animation


I really don't understand what the purpose of these posts are. Am I missing some relation to the idea behind Freakonomics?

Nguyen H. Tuan

Love = Friend + Sex >:)


I'm going to show these to my 5th graders and I will bet y'all they can be more clever than this.


talent + pain = masterpiece
talent + pain + marijuana =? masterpiece

Science Mind-ful

So how does pain produce gain? At a certain point in doing scientific research, one has to stop, look at the work straight in the face and say --what did you do? Am at that painful point right now- feeling overloaded with detail and full of self- doubt-- Even blogging seems too big a chore.

Science Mind-ful

It's called "TAKING StOCK." It is something that we all need to do from time to time.