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Too Much Ado About Steroids?

Bob Clapp is 72 years old. He’s six-foot-one, weighs 190 pounds, has a 32-inch waist, 11 percent body fat, and claims to maintain the biological age of a 36-year-old. Clapp has also been a regular user of anabolic steroids for 50 years with “no irreparable negative side effects.” Jordan Heller profiles Clapp and other users, questioning the criminalization of steroids. A similar inquiry has recently been pursued by Miguel Sancho, Andrew Kirell, and John Stossel. “We don’t stop people from eating lemon meringue pie for breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” Norman Fost, a University of Wisconsin bioethicist, told them. “People everywhere take enormous risks way greater than even the hyped-up risks of steroids.” [%comments]